Welcome! Here is the Batrium Community Guidelines👇

Hello and welcome to the Batrium Community!

This space is designed and created to be a productive place where people connect with common interests for the Batrium BMS, battery management, discussions about systems and projects, troubleshooting guides and questions, or just catching up about the cool and “uncool” stuff about the industry.

Check out all the important topics and great discussions available on this forum. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and contribute!

When using and interacting on the Batrium forum, please be guided by our community house rules.

Community Guidelines:
This is a civilized place for public discussion:

  • Your participation counts — improve discussions and contribute to the community. Try “giving” back as each time you find help or answers, try to help someone else out in return.

  • Always be civil. Be agreeable, even when you disagree.

  • If you believe that this community is the best place for your question, please search the previous posts. If you find your question already answered, please give it an upvote.

  • Try to limit the Subject and first line of your post to a single, short, question. Use an appropriate title, especially when asking a new question. “My WatchMon does not light up” is a good title. “HELP!!!” is not.

  • One question per post. Please keep your posts focused clearly on a single question, issue or problem. This community is intended to be a knowledge base. Make your posts searchable and ideally, should answer with a link or reference to a Batrium documentation.

  • For follow-up questions, please create a new post. This community is aimed at helping users find specific questions, and clear precise answers very quickly.

  • If you found an answer to a question, you can help click the ‘Solution’ button under the answer. This will put the answer at the top and help others with the same issue. Even if you didn’t ask the original question, you can still click the ‘Solution’ button.

  • If you see a problem, FLAG it.

  • Post only your own stuff. Please remember that you are responsible for what you post.

  • Check the Batrium Wiki. You can always check our Batrium Wiki, which contains a comprehensive resource for all products and all things related to the Batrium BMS. But you can post questions here that you can’t find in the Wiki. However, if you find the answer in the Wiki or before someone else does, you can self-post the solution, ideally with the Wiki link and section reference. This can help others, and also help us make better documentation.

If you have a complex technical enquiry, please use the normal support channel or email it to Batrium Support if you need help with how to proceed, or wish to escalate an enquiry.

This is a public community and anybody is able to contribute. However, the promotion and selling of other products or services are not allowed.

More information is posted on the Community Guidelines page.

Power systems are inherently complex systems with unknown elements outside of our control. Batrium cannot validate all the information provided here and cannot be held liable for the content of the posted messages. This space is open to friendly questions and suggestions and we believe it to be made in good faith. However, all electrical work should be supervised by a qualified technician.

Batrium is constantly improving documentation. And as this is a live page, changes are expected on this page frequently and regularly.

We may also, from time to time, add more frequently asked questions we get from our support channel to this forum.

Again, welcome! Let us all make this forum a helpful resource for your BMS projects.