Wrong measurement of current (on higher loads) on Batrium shunt

Some time ago (2 years) I purchased Batrium Watchmon4 + Shuntmon 500A.
I put the whole BMS together few months ago but from the very beginning I observe that the Shunt does not measure correctly at higher consumptions.
At 139A (at 60V) the difference is 53A. However, the measurement is quite accurate up to 40A. I am also attaching a graph of the measured values on the Shunt and the Studer XTM or clamp ammeter. In Batrium “Shunt hardware settings” I have “ShuntMon2 HV 650V 50uOhm” set.
Can anyone think of a reason for the difference or a way to diagnose the problem further?

I see the exact same thing. I have a Schneider battery mon and two Midnite Whizbang jrs. Here’s readings for charging at a low amperage level and also at a high amperage level

batrium 52.65v 29a 1529w
batt mon 52.9v 28.7a 1518w
whizbang 52.9v 28.7a 1518w

batrium 53.68v 91a 4870w
batt mon 53.8v 108a 5810w
whizbang 53.8v 107.1a 5762w

This obviously makes Batrium SoC way off.

Seems to be
Batrium Shunt inaccurate current measurment | Page 2 | Second Life Storage & Solar

Does anybody know if the software fix ever made it into the product and if so, what version?