What triggers the "full" or "Battery OK" State


I do not understand, when Batrium claims the Battery as full and stops charging.

I saw in my system, that when all cells are in balancing state, because all are above the bypass Voltage (CV9) and then each and every cell has more consumed than 50mAh in that bypass-Session (CA3), the state Charging Completed / Charging OFF is reached.

But to reach this state, I must set the Charging Voltage to a value higher than 16xbypassVoltage. (In a 16 Cell LFP Battery).
So each time all cells must reach balancing state, even if they are already perfect balanced, to get to the Charging OFF state?

Where do I miss something? I’m looking for an Diviation-Setting, known from other BMS, where I can set the Voltage Difference between highest and lowest cell to start balancing only if that Difference is greater than configured and if not necessary than Charging should set to Off, if an configured max Charge-Voltage is reached.

Or can I configure that kind already, and I’m not able to find it?

Thanks so much.


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We think this question is about how to control the Victron equipment for LiFePO4.

Our tech team is currently working on a new revised algorithm with Victron directly so that the system can:

  • start and stop the charge
  • adjust the voltage target when bypass has completed so that the inverter does not continue to overcharge the cells or keep the cells balancing by reducing the threshold below the balancing voltage

Updates will be posted as soon as we’ve finalized everything.

Thanks for your patience!

Let me know if you’re interested in beta testers. I have a Victron system which runs in both on-grid and off-grid modes that I’d be willing to test with.

I would also be willing to test.

Better would be to have some setting like a maximum cell voltage difference and when the battery reaches a cell voltage difference below this maximum the charging cycle reports state “full”.
I am currently very satisfied by having the bypass-session configured to 50mAh. This is reached very quickly if all cells are above bypass voltage and then state “full” is reported successfully.

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