WatchmonCore/K9 charging limit


I recently replaced a different brand BMS with the Core+K9 system with a 500A shunt.

The system will now only charge up to approx 96A. My inverter is capable of charging at 150A and it used to charge fully on my old BMS.

I haven’t tested the max discharge rate but have had no issues there so assume it is discharging higher.

I have reported this to tech support but currently haven’t had a solution. I have experimented with some settings in the Control Logic - charging page without any luck,

Tech support are steering me toward connecting my BMS and inverter over Canbus, something i never had before, but they haven’t indicated that would be a definitive fix. Also the Canbus connection to my inverter is still being tested so i can’t connect it just yet.

My inverter is a rebranded MPP 11KW MAX

Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks


I assume you have gone into the BMS settings and have made sure that the BMS is not limiting the current to 96A?