Watchmon1 and original sendyne 350a shuntmon

Hello! Back in 2017 i bought a batrium kit and all the things for a solar install. Well, I’m finally getting around to assembing it lol. In it is a shuntmon that is unlike anything i have found on the internet. It is a sendyne 350 amp shunt, and all it has are 6 pins on one end and a terminal block with 4 terminals for a thermistor and power on the other end. I am hoping to get some insight into connecting it to the watchmon1. I’ll try to post some pics and model number later. Thank you!

Hi @Ripvansparky !

Please know that support for the WatcMon1 is limited as this is already a legacy supervisor. The WatchMon1 has been superseded by new supervisor hardware, WatchMonCore, that offers better functionality.

If you are interested and you have both working devices, there is an upgrade path from WM1 to the current supervisor (the same thing for the shunt).

Please email us at for more information.

Hi! Thanks for the reply, I’ll send an email. It’s actually a 300A

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