WatchMon CORE SOC jumped from 24% to 100%

My SOC jumped to 100%, when checking found the DC Breakers between the Battery & Inverter switched tripped. Reset the breaker and set SOC back to 24% and all returned to normal. As the breaker is a Schneider DC 125Amp and the load was 1000Watt at the time of tripping I suspect the BMS logic tripped the breaker but I do not know if there is a log in the WatchMon CORE to see if this is the case.

Systems uses 16 LiFePo4 batteries of 320Ah, inverter connected with CAN bus is a Goodwe 5048D-ES and Watchmon CORE was recently upgraded to 2.17.39.

Any suggestion on how if possible to trace the cause of this SOC Jump?

In the past I’ve found that the only way to log is to have the toolkit running on a Windows system when the event occurs. The link below will take you to an article in the Wiki that shows how to enable and view the logs.

Hi Antiquasky, thanks for your reply. Downloaded the file but no revelations in there. Kinda overlooked my OpenHAB integration with the UDP listener, thought it didn’t have relevant info but found some in the database as follows:

Guess just hope it doesn’t happen again unless somebody has other suggestions.

Hi Mario, did you ever find out what caused this issue? I have had a similar issue twice in the last couple of months where something causes it to jump to 99% SOC. I am new to this and am concerned now that my SOC could be incorrect as I have manually set it back down?

Hi Carly, so far a one-off event. Didn’t happen again. Did also reset manually and the system corrected nicely to 100% when the batteries became full.