WatchMon Broken - sudden identity change!

Hi Batrium Community,

the strangest thing just happened to me: My WatchMon suddenly stopped working and now it has a different serial number. The original system ID was 1073, now it show SYS2906.

I was running 2.17.51 when it happened. Then I upgraded to 2.17.54 since I my hope was to get a kind of “reset” through the upgrade. But alas, no changes. My watchmon still thinks it has a different identity/serial number now.

Obviously I can’t make any changes since the PIN for the device does not work either.

Anything I can do now to get my setup back to life?
I would love to provide logfiles or any additional information, just let me know what you need.


I found this article in the Wiki which references the “new” System ID: How to Factory Erase a WatchMon device | Batrium Knowledge / Wiki
(I don’t understand why Google does not find this document)

This “new” system ID seems to indicate a problem with the device and Batrium recommends to contact support and try a factory reset.

So this is what I did. Let’s wait and see.


P.S. Anyone else seen this behavior before? SYS-2906?

Hi teemischer.

Thanks for digging to find that article! We are always looking to improve the visibility of info like that, so thanks for pointing out that google struggled to find it.

I am working through our email inbox as we speak and will email you a reset code that will almost certainly get you back on track!