Victron VRM says 0

I have installed the following.
2p16s LiFePo4, Batrium BMS WatchMonCORE and 2x CellMate-K9, 3x MPII 5000, Fronius inverter on the AC output and an MPPT RS 450/100 and an EM24.
Everything works very well and I’m totally satisfied.
My VRM portal also shows the battery (Batrium BMS) correctly.

But under battery consumption it always says 0 kWh.

Also under solar to battery it always says 0 kWh.

Anyone have an idea what I could have set up wrong?
I hope you can help me. Thanks

You have activated “Has DC system”. This is visible due to DC loads in the overview.
Batrium does not report charged and discharged energy to the Victron system at all. And with activated DC system, Victron can not substract AC loads and DC loads. Therefore your consumption graphs are calculated wrongly. I don’t know a possible solution for this yet.
It is long time ago (maybe half a year), I requested to Batrium support to correctly report charged and discharged energy over CAN bus protocol to Victron. That data is available in WatchmonToolkit and therefore in WatchmonCORE, too.
Currently, the only possible solution for this, to deactivate “Has DC system” in Settings → System setup.

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Perfect, thank you.
Now it works :slight_smile: