Unknown Rx integration for imeon inverter

Hi everyone,

I’m in trouble right now because of my integration between my inverter (imeon energy inverter 9.12) and the watchmon core. Indeed, I’ve got plenty of unknown RX and it works for like 4tx and Rx known and unknown and stop working for 5 tx and then restart with 4 Rx known and unknown.
I’m putting imeon inverter in the list of canbus protocol and imeon battery on the inverter software.

Did it happen to anyone and have you got a solution?

I can’t really understand the point and the technic support is helping me through this issue so I’m going to keep you inform about it.

If anyone has also an iron inverter please help me.

Thank you!!

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Hi Tom,

You spoke to me via email, and we figured out that you needed to fix your scaling value as mentioned by our wiki, hitting default will correct this :slight_smile: