SOC going to 100% random?

I have a WM5 - and I have noticed it jumping randomly to 100% SOC when the batteries are nowhere near 100% - Today they were at around 81% 4.01v per cell (Lion) and all of a sudden 100% SOC.

Also, I get random voltage spikes reported - for example, in today’s 'Daily Session screen, the Cell Volt is listed as:

Min: 0.00
Max: 4.57

Supply Volt: 0.0
Max: 56.7

There is NO WAY my max cell voltage ever got anywhere near that high. I know Batrium have been working on this, but the latest release isn’t designed for a WM5.

Can someone at Batrium please explain the fake high voltage readings, and advise what is being done to correct them?

Other than that, my system is working well.

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Here is a screenshot of VRM showing the fake high voltage spikes - These only seem to happen at the very top of charge, while cells are balancing. The peaks happen when the current going into the battery is very low (< 10 amps) - There is no way these cells are spiking in voltage like is being reported.

The daily Session stats show a crazy high voltage of over 4.54v!

Can someone at Batrium advise when these detections are going to be fixed? (I have a WM5 and am not on the latest firmware - as the release notes advise not to use it yet).