Remote control logic broken after upgrade to 2.17.39 (Victron profile)

Yesterday evening I upgraded to version 2.17.39 (coming from 2.17.27) including the firmware.

First thing was, that after firmware upgrade I saw new names for the BMS CAN-Bus protocol in VenusOS. It is now “Batrium-BMS (Victron profile)”.
The first issue then was, that DCL was reported as 0.1A. And my MultiPlus 2 stopped inverting from battery. I could fix this by shortly editing remote control in Watchmon Toolkit and writing that back to Batrium.
The second issue arose when batteries became full today. CVL is for charging configured to 55.6V, a little bit more than 16 times 3.45V for balancing and within Limited I configured 54.2V. This discharged the battery a little bit, when Batrium reported Full and lower CVL but this stayed then stable at 54.2V, while DC coupled PV was fully feed in into grid by the MultiPlus. Today Batrium reported a CVL of 42.4V to Victron when battery is full. The MultiPlus enabled their full power to invert from DC, feed in everything they can, rapidly discharged batteries until a “Low battery” alarm appeared.
Why does Batrium report a CVL of 42.4V to Victron although I configured 54.2V???

Here are all my voltage settings. CV6 previously showed 42.4V for the pack. Then I disabled “Allow Limited” in the Discharging tab to get CV6 to zero. Pack became again full and Batrium reported again 42.4V to VenusOS. Luckily I limited feed in from DC this time to 1000W and nothing seriously happened. Limiting DCL to 200A didn’t solve the issue. Still 280A are discharged and Batrium went into critical off.
But those 42.4V as CVL to VenusOS is a big problem for me.

Configuration of charging, discharging and remote:

I downgraded to 2.17.27 and the reported CVL works again as before. 55.6V for charging and 54.2V when reported full. CVL of 42.4V is not reported anymore.
So there is something changed in 2.17.39 release, which is not mentioned in the release notes, which heavily breaks my charging cycle by reporting a way too low Charging voltage limit to VenusOS.