One Bypass lamp is always on and one Battery shows wrong voltage


Kindly asking if someone who experienced the same? I changed the battery, still the same.


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Changed to another k9 and it works correctly!

Still in contact with support.

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I have this same issue randomly. To release the balancing i run a manual sync of the K9. It is an issue as it will stay in balancing even when the cell is below balance voltage once it latches.
@Renzee what can you advise i do here please?

Hi Kazuya,

I’m glad to hear you are back on track.

Just wondering, where does this second loom go?

We occasionally run into customers also using an active balancer as well as our BMS. This is not recommended, and can only be done with careful setup:

Keen to hear more about your system :slight_smile:

Hey James, in the mentioned Troubleshooting article you write about an output relay function for external active balancer. Which function is this in the expansion tab?


It’s this one:

Basically, if cells are too high or too low according to Cell Hi V etc and the delta is larger than a threshold, then activate the output:


Make sure you are using a separate wiring loom, otherwise your warranty will be void.

The two will affect each other, and you will lose the health tracking of the K9.

Hey James, thanks for the fast response. I have a small PCB at the battery terminal with two SMD fuses. One is for the K9 passive balancer and the other one is for the active balancer.

In the special case above (with different gap 0,01V): When is the active balancer active? From 3.49 V up to 3.61V?

Hi Kuchengeschmack,

Sorry this took me so long to get to, we have been working day and night on our next software/firmware release.

With the option Hi/Lo + Delta, the active balancer will be active when any cell gets above 3.6 or below 2.8 in my example, and the difference between the highest and lowest cell are more than 0.01V apart