One Bypass lamp is always on and one Battery shows wrong voltage


Kindly asking if someone who experienced the same? I changed the battery, still the same.


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Changed to another k9 and it works correctly!

Still in contact with support.

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I have this same issue randomly. To release the balancing i run a manual sync of the K9. It is an issue as it will stay in balancing even when the cell is below balance voltage once it latches.
@Renzee what can you advise i do here please?

Hi Kazuya,

Iā€™m glad to hear you are back on track.

Just wondering, where does this second loom go?

We occasionally run into customers also using an active balancer as well as our BMS. This is not recommended, and can only be done with careful setup:

Keen to hear more about your system :slight_smile: