Mixing LongMon and CellMate-K9

I have a question about my Setup.

My Setup right now:
80 Cells LiFePO4 (48V - 16S 5P configuration)
80 pcs. LongMon.

I now want to extend the System with another 32 Cells (48V - 16S 2P).

Can i use for this 32 Cells two CellMate-K9 or do i have to stick to the LongMon?
So can i mix this two (LongMon and CellMate-K9) in one Setup (with one WatchMon-CORE) or not?


Hi @ipirk

Know that you cannot mix a CellMate-K9 with a LongMon. Have a read here: Wiki - Mixing two cell monitors in one system

What you can do is add another WatchMonCORE for the K9, run the current system and then make a master and a satellite.