Missing BMS data for Victron Cerbo GX

It seems that the Watchmon Core does not send some information to the Victron Cerbo over CAN-BUS. No alarm information (low temp, charge, etc.) nor the amp-hours or watt-hour consumed history is available. Is there a plan to make this available and part of the CAN communications? I know the Victron CAN/BMS-bus protocol supports this. I am using my system off-grid (Tierra del Fuego, Chile) and would like to be able to monitor this from a distance while I am not around (using the Victron VRM portal via Starlink connection).



Hi Jeff,

I’m seeing that information but not specifically as an alarm. My Cerbo does respond and adjusts charging, discharging, heating and cooling based on the readings through DVCC. I am using the Batrium ShuntMon 500 and a Cellmate K9 with the WatchMon Core.


Hi @ jvierstra,

Can you let us know what software version are you running, what hardware you have, and what inverter protocol you’re using? You can send the manual extract report to our support inbox so we can verify (info@batrium.com).

We do have the Profile 24 for the Victron available and it does send this information using this.

You can consider upgrading to the latest preview build:

Preview Release Build 46 is ready to be adopted.

If you are running a WMC-K9 system, you may upgrade to this preview version:


Download setup at WatchMon Toolkit Installer 2.17.46

You may need to copy and paste the following URL into your browser for it to start:

File created: 29 August 2023

Please define your timezone and update the time sync feature when updating to this release.
Go to Hardware Configuration - Time Sync Settings for the time sync settings instructions.

You might need to restart the device and set the timezone a couple of times to get it accurate, as outlined in this section: Extra Help to Check if Device Time is Working Properly

Upgrades to this preview release are not recommended for other cell monitors (i.e. BlockMons, LongMons, LeafMons) or older hardware (i.e. WM4/WM5/MM8). We will announce as soon as it is ready for adoption.