Ladezyklen ansehen / Watch loading cycles

Meine Batterien sind nun schon 11 Tage reibungslos im Laufen.
Täglicher verbrauch zwischen 20 – 35% SOC ab ca. 15.00 immer 99% SOC also Voll.
Der Zähler zeigt mir noch immer den Wert 2 an, den habe ich am Anfang eingegeben.
Muss ich noch andere Einstellungen vornehmen oder ist das nicht die richtige Ansicht?

Hi Hans!

as far as I’m informed, the community language is English, thats why I add my answer in English. :slight_smile:

By your description, you are using about 20-35% from your SoC. I interpret that your lowest level of SoC is about 65%? (somewhere early morning before recharging, I guess).
Should my assumption be correct, it’s correct for the Batrium to calculate no full charge cycle.
Have a look at the Hardware\Shunt Page, lower left corner. There you have Empty SoC$ cycle threshold and Full SoC %cycle threshold. Those two values define what Batrium understands as full charge cycle. The default values are 12.5% and 92.5%… which means only after your battery got discharged below 12.5% and then recharged over 92.5%, Batrium will count one full cycle. (My settings are 20% and 95%)
Hope that helps!

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Sorry, I’ll keep
Since my English is not so good, I have to have everything translated by Google (Chrome).

:+1: Yes exactly!

I can’t activate it, click but nothing happens.

@ Support
Can’t this be remedied?
So that the batrium automatically adds all loading %?
Thanks for your answer,
was very helpful.

Hi Hans!

To edit those fields please click on “edit” in the top left corner, then click on “advanced” button in the top middle and then you can adjust the two SoC% fields to your liking.

As far as I see things, there is nothing to be fixed. It’s about your tasting what you want to be calculated as a full charge cycle. In your case, a full charge cycle would be from 70% SoC to above 95% SoC.

:+1: learned something again

The count in this type is not correct.
This does not make an overview of the actual charging cycles of the cells!

For this reason:

I can’t leave it like that because it is not correct.
I see a need to catch up there.
Please implement, Thanks

Hi Hans,

i’ll answer in German in this case. The rest please bear with me.

Also grundsätzlich macht Batrium das komplett richtig hier. Ich verstehe deinen Unmut nicht.

Technisch ist ein Ladezyklus das Entladen eines Akkus und das vollständige wiederbeladen. Hier gibt zb auch der Hersteller unser geliebten LiFePo4 Zellen EVE vor das die Zellen auf 2,5V entladen und dann auf 3.65V beladen werden um einen Ladezyklus zu erhalten. Batrium ist hier konservativer unterwegs und zählt von 12,5% SoC (was vermutlich über 2,5V liegt) bis zu einer erneuten Beladung auf über 92% als einen Ladezyklus.
Wenn dir diese Variante der Definition eines Ladezyklus nicht passt kannst du es ja über die von mir gezeigten 2 Felder einstellen und nach deinem Geschmack anpassen.
Rein technisch gesehen ist das entladen eines Akkus von 100% auf 65% und dann wieder beladen auf 90%+ kein wirklicher Ladezyklus. Das ist Fakt.

Wenn du es so gezählt haben möchtest, kannst du, wie ich bereits schrieb, die beiden Felder so konfigurieren das ein entladen von unter 70% und über 95% bereits als ein Zyklus gewertet wird.

Hoffe das hilft


Suggestion: What would be really awesome
If in Telemetry / Cell Info

a further column with the actual charging cycles of the respective cell are counted.
Would be a real enrichment to inform the respective cells.
Thank you in advance.

Why do you want to count the charging cycles per cell? Makes no sense to me. All cells are getting charged equally, each cell will always have the same charge cycle count. That’s why Batrium places the charging cycle count at the shunt settings. Everything that comes behind the shunt should/will be charged equally and has the same charge cycle count.

:bulb: Keyword bypass and it looks different

Nope, it doesn’t. No matter how much bypass you run on a cell, it won’t alter the charge/discharge cycle count of a cell. bypass = top balancing. That is unrelated to a full discharge and recharge cycle.

To the makers of batrium,
Is it really that difficult or impossible to add charging percentage together and
to use a counter with +1 for 100, or only as an option?
Others would certainly also look forward to the info of the real charging cycles.
Please consider it. Would still be a + for batrium.


Apple has a good description of what they consider a charge cycle to be.
And I share this way of thinking.

This is generally known
But still that doesn’t use anyone if the charging cycles are not counted :confounded:
Although I have addressed Barium directly, they don’t find it worth it
To comment why no complete payment is made :astonished: