Introducing Batrium's Toolkit3 and BMI

We are excited to introduce Batrium’s newest innovations, the Toolkit3 and BMI Web Access. These powerful tools are available to be accessed via web, mobile, and desktop applications to provide comprehensive visibility, real-time data analysis, cross-platform accessibility, tailored solutions, and seamless control from any location.

We have started publishing BMI, and right now you can start provisioning your system for remote access. The current release, Build 46, is capable of this feature but newer releases (Build 51) are about to be released in the next few days so we suggest waiting for it.

To learn more about Toolkit3 and BMI, you can check out the following resource links:


Great News!

How can we get the Cloud Key?

Hi, good job, it’s a start…

After several days of correctly testing the BMI, the system gives the following error “disconnect from the network”. From the whachmon toolkit application I can connect with the Web access but only for a few seconds, from the page where you can see the Web access communication (tx, rx, error) a timeout message appears and errors is at 165. which can be the problem? Where can I see the log to track the error?


epic news! Unfortunately, the registration code never arrives.