Integration with Sungrow SH6.0RS inverter

Hello everyone,
I have a Sungrow SH6.0RS Inverter that is compatible with these batteries.
Sungrow SBR064/096/128/160/192
BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS 5.1/7.7/10.2
BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 8.3/11.0/13.8/16.6/19.3
I would like to know the possible communications configurations of Wathsmon with Sungrow SH6.0RS.
The configuration I have is:
32S LifePo4 280Amp
WatchMon CORE
Expansion Board
2 CellMate K9
ShuntMon 500 A


We can emulate the BYD HVS protocol, so you seem to have come up with a good solution there with those parts :slight_smile:

It is worth noting that you have picked a HV inverter that will only be able to achieve its rated output at the upper end of its voltage range (80V-400V). You should consider an LV inverter or a higher pack voltage if you want anywhere near its rated output.

Thanks James,
I’m glad to know that I’m not wrong,
In two weeks I will start testing the batteries and the BMS.
As you say, I am aware that with 32 units it is not enough to take advantage of, since it is limited to 30 amps. But the idea is to put 96 lifepo units.
I think this inverter fits my future inverter expansion needs.

Two more questions.

1st how to configure the battery as BYD?
2nd, could I, with another Batrium and ShuntMon 500 A, control another inverter with the same batteries without the CellMate K9?

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Simply select the menu item when running the Wizard Setup:

If you are using the same type of inverter (i.e. both compatible with BYD HVS) then one WatchMon is fine.

If you decide you need two WatchMons, they will need a K9 to control the inverter properly. For example, when the cells reach bypass voltage, the WatchMon will tell the inverter to limit charging so balancing can work properly.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Thanks James.
The final configuration I need would be
96 Bat lifepo4 two Sungrow SH6.0RS inverters compatible with BYD HVS.
The idea is to parallelize the two inverters with the same batteries,
Could I, with another Batrium and ShuntMon 500 A, control another inverter with the same batteries without the CellMate K9?
I don’t know if you can put the same WatchMon CORE on two inverters with the same batteries.
Thanks for the answers, they are very helpful to me.


You can :). Two WatchMons are not required for two inverters of the same type. The messages will simply be received by both inverters and both will react accordingly

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Very good news, for my economy…
I hope to test the set soon, I will confirm if everything works so that it can be added as an inverter, it works for batrium

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