Inacurate SOC (maybe?)

My SOC never gets to 100% anymore. It levels off at about 90%.

Two outcomes, right…
1- Battery Degradation (my bank won’t hold 1505AH anymore)
2- Inacurate SOC reading.

If #1, my bank is not even 2yo of DIY LifePo4. I charge at lesser voltage, as I follow Andy’s advice from Off-Grid Garage. If so, this happened abburtly. I was charging to 100% just two weeks ago, now - not.

If #2, what caused this change? Means to reset?


Maybe you can look at:
Hardware → Shunt

First Try to Change Metrics SoC% to 100%, wenn you think that the Battery is full.

Or Check what Value you insert into: Re-Calibration Low SoC