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I have a Watchmon Core running toolkit v2.17.54 and associated firmware. I am trying to change the NTP server in the TimeSync settings. The field is not editable. I am in technician mode, edit mode, and have web sync toggled on.


The field looks to be editable in the documentation. How can I change the NTP address? Thanks.

Hi LithiumSolar,

Unfortunately that field is not editable, that screenshot from wiki must have come from a dev build when we were still deciding on a timeserver.

Changing time servers introduces one more thing for us to worry about when analysing data from our BMI system.

If having your WatchMon access this address is a problem, could you set up a DNS entry in your router to redirect to a local timeserver?

Could you elaborate a bit more on your use case?

Ah, that’s a bit disappointing, but thank you for getting back to me. I run an NTP server locally and it would be nice to point the Batrium to it like my other networked devices. This would prove to be very useful in an environment where it’s placed on a network that does not have access to the internet.

I understand that allowing more things to be changed might increase the time it takes to troubleshoot, but I’m not sure that’s a good reason to lock things like this down. Practically every other headless networked device like this under the sun allows NTP servers to be specified - Cameras, APs, routers, smart switches, etc. It’s certainly not a deal-breaker, just disappointing to hear the reason is “you can’t use that because some people may not know what they’re doing”.


I am with LithiumSolar on this one
It has been best practice to block NTP ingress for quite sum time now
I to run a NTP server

Could always NAT your traffic on port 123 (NTP) to your own NTP server. I do this to force all my devices onboard to use my own NTP server. Saves me from having to configure each device individually.

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That might work… or they could simply make the field editable so people can set a value they’d like.

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I totally agree, the appeal of a boutique product/company like Batrium is the DIY aspect of it.

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