Cellmon K9 seems to go out of sync

I’ve noticed every couple of days one or two of the voltages on the K9 gets stuck. It’s usually the 1st and last on a K9 (16s). I have to go in and load up the GUI and click resync which sometimes takes 2-3 attempts to get working.

Is there a reason why the units do not stay in sync as it’s a pain to have to do the resync every 2 days?

Happened again overnight. This time one K9 was stuck. No error message at all. This could be problematic from a hardware safety perspective. Once I hit the “resync” button it all went back to being normal but clearly checking every few hours is not sustainable. I’m hoping it’s a software/firmware issue due to the K9 being new.

Device Sync is not designed for CellMate-K9 in the same way it is use for distributed cell monitors such as LongMons, BlockMons and LeafMons. The only purpose for the Device Sync for CellMate-K9 is to store the number of cells wired to each CellMate-K9.

This function will only needs to be run if the number of cells wired to that CellMate-K9 changes. When the Device Sync is run this will detect each cell voltage terminal and if above 0.9V it will assume from then onwards that there should be a wire attached and report voltage for this location.

Hope this explains better why the Device Sync isn’t working for CellMate K9.

Not entirely sure what you attempting to do and why you wanting to rerun the DeviceSync repeatable. Always beest to send a manual extract file to support info@batrium.com

One of the earliest preview releases that had K9 this did have a unusual filter on the cell voltage that would not detect small slow changes. This was resolved with a update to the software and firmware. We recommend that you adopt the latest software release.