Cannot upgrade WatchMon Core firmware (SOLVED)


Today I updated the WatchMonToolkit software to version 2.17.46. I then tried to upgrade the WatchMon Core firmware but got the error below. Pressing the “Firmware Updater” button does nothing. The WatchMon core was connected to my computer via USB and the USB COM port was shown in the device manager in Windows. I even tried turning off WIFI but got the same error message.

I have upgraded the WatchMon Core firmware before with the same PC and USB cable with no issues.

Any ideas?

Ole Saether (in my offgrid cabin in the mountains in Trondheim, Norway)

I was able to upgrade the firmware by launching the “WatchMon ESP32 Updater” outside of WatchMonToolkit.

I am not deleting this thread in case somebody else runs into the same problem.

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Hi, I have the same issue but it doesn’t resolve even starting from outside the esp 32, does anyone have any ideas?


Solved from outside toolkit with ESP32 after .Net framework update.

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