BMI Frozen

Hello dear Batrium Team and Community

Since BMI was released, my access via Chrome on my iPad worked smoothly and I received new data every few seconds. However, my BMI dashboard has been frozen for a few days and always shows the same values, even if the real-time display pulsates and suggests that it is current data.

With the toolkit I can access it via Web Access(!) and get the actual current data.

What could be my problem with BMI?

Many greetings from Germany from Jens :sunny:

Something similiar happened to me , I cleared my cache and cookies and it fixed the problem.

Thanks for your tip, I tried that. Unfortunately without success.

Yea , funny that after I wrote that I checked my BMI and it is also frozen.

Hi Jens,

Thanks for reaching out about your issue, and welcome to our community!

We’ve just made some changes under the hood to make updates more regular over BMI. Updates should come through in about 5-10 minutes, which is fast enough for the slow-moving nature of large batteries. But we will definitely change the “real-time” wording to reflect the few minutes it has been since the last data update.

This is definitely unusual though, If you send us your serial number at our contact page, we can take a look behind the scenes to make sure everything is OK.

Thanks again for letting us know about your issues, I’m keen to get them resolved!

The same thing happens to me, the bmi is frozen

Hi Everyone,

We’ve done some digging and found the problem that was causing BMI to freeze. If you go check your systems, you should see them updating as normal now (5-10mins).

A few people have reached out via email confirming the issue, so we checked back in with those, and they are updating normally too.

We’ve started implementing monitoring of the system that failed, so this shouldn’t happen again (or if it does, not for long).

Thanks for your patience while we work out the kinks with this launch!