BMI bar graph only showing 14 cells

How do you get the BMI to show more than 14 cells in the bar graph in either the app or web page? I see some pictures in the help/setup pages here that show more than 14 cells so it can be done. Just my system doesn’t show this. The system knows that there are more than 14 cells because it will display max and min voltage in any cell in my array. Is this not a function because I have a WM5 and 7 MM8s? That function is not supported on those versions? Or is there some setting that I don’t know I need set?

Hi Jim,

Sorry we didn’t get to your issue sooner, we’ve had some staff move around, and I’ve been tasked with being more responsive to the community from now on.

Your issue is definitely not just you - CANBUS slaves are a bit rarer than other configurations these days, but we absolutely still support them. We assembled a test system here to mirror a setup like yours, and found the same issue:

We’ve alerted our web team, who should have a fix on the way soon.

In the meantime, our Android and iOS apps (and of course TK2) are not affected, so you can use them in the meantime:

If those don’t work, you can reach out at our contact page and we can go deeper there:

Thanks for the update. I just downloaded the latest Batrium app on Google Play store and deleted the “Batrium Live” app. With this new app I can now see all my cells. That is what I wanted.

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