AS3004-2 Alarm before disconnect

The extract attached is from Australian Standard AS3004-2 for installation of lithium batteries in a marine environment.

One area that I am not certain how to achieve is item f, the provision of an alarm before a disconnection event.

The CMU Alarm looks to be what is needed but I cannot see that this can drive a relay output and therefore an external alarm. Does any anyone have any Ideas?

AS3004-2 Lithium Batt

Hi Lucus,

You can absolutely fire an external alarm whenever the battery is in a critical state (Hardware > Expansion > Critical Fault in drowpdown)

But if you want an alarm before power is cut, we will have to add this to our software, something we are more than happy to do! I’ve let our software team know, and I will add a reply here once it is added :slight_smile:

Thanks James for your response,

Yes it will defiantly need to be able to be set before power is cut to comply with the Australian Standard.

Being on a boat this is critical so that action can be taken before the boat goes dark as this could be a dangerous situation when at sea.

In my mind there would need to be an earlier threshold set to alarm (fire the alarm relay) before the disconnection event, a pre trigger if you like. Having a relay output on the CMU alarm looks to be one possible solution but I am in no way an expert here.

Having an AS3004-2 compliant solution I feel would be an advantage as from what I can see other than getting a complete Victron package there is very little in this space. It also appears that this is becoming more important to marine insurers.

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Hi Lucas

I’m doing a marine installation too and interested in following this.

I’m thinking the alarm could be triggered by a state other than Critical. eg Cell volt, temperature, state of charge.

For the CMU alerts I only see voltage and nothing related to temperature.
The only alerts I see for temperature are the Heating or Cooling required (and are they driven by the battery temp or Bypass temp?) Perhaps the Cooling required alert could be used?

What about triggering the alarm using the Discharging/Limited state? But again I only see cell and shunt voltage and no temperature.

Perhaps James could comment here? :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Just a little update, we have integrated the following additional outputs to our expansion boards in our upcoming software release (still testing internally):

The timing can be customised in Control Logic > Critical (same as it currently is)

@loki Regarding your comments, Yep, cooling required can be used as an indicator your cells are too hot. Just adjust the temperature threshold in Control Logic > Thermal

Charging limited is an option already

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You can youse it to get the generator started and on line.
Ours is setup so that the generator & inverter can run in parallel and load share
that way when the inverter goes down there is no loss of power.

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