16S lifepo4 uneven voltages

I have a setup with 16pc Eve LF280K and cellmate k9.
Now with sunny days, my battery is full. But I see a strange behaviour at the voltages.

All uneven cells are at 3.5V, the even cells are between 3.51 and 3.53.

Just curious why this is.


Hi John,

Thank you for adopting BMI, I’ve been able to take a look at your system from here and have a few things I’d like you to check.

  • I can see that your final ramped charge target is 10A, I suggest moving to Normal/Limited mode, and changing the limited value to something like 1A. This allows the balancing to keep up with the charger and even everything out nicely.
  • Your system is going into thermal relief mode during charging due to misconfigured voltage thresholds. This explains the odd-even pattern you are seeing, as balance cycles start on the even cells. In short your system is spending a long time balancing and the K9 is getting too hot and telling the charger to stop.
  • To fix the above, the easiest way is to hit the “Default” button on the Control > Charging, Control > Remote and Hardware > CellMon pages.
  • If you wish to keep your current setup, make sure:
    • Your bypass voltage is 50mV above your charge target, not below
    • Re-enable the charge cutout threshold voltage and set it to your charge target.
    • Your resume voltage is a fair bit below your charge cutout voltage

A new, healthy system should be doing <50mAh of balancing a day, yours is doing as much as 1200mAh

Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything above, I’m more than happy to explain further

I am not able to make changes on short notice.
This weekend I will very and adjust as recommended and let you know.


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James, I have just set the values to the default settings as recommended. Do uiu have any recommendations on the Victron Assistant settings, based on the default Batrium settings?